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Corporate Information
Our Philosophy
We Develop It
Internal Research & Development Team.
20 years Formulation experience.
40 Research Chemists.

Topical corticosteroids have been a mainstay of dermatological practice for 50 years. Taro has been formulating topical dermatology products (especially corticosteroids) for 20 years in Canada. The TaroPharma™ products were developed in our internal research and development facility using high quality, premium ingredients.

TaroPharma is always working hard - looking for innovative products … developing packaging that's easier for pharmacists to dispense and patients to understand.

We See Our Role as Just Beginning.

You see, TaroPharma is fortunate when it comes to research and development. We not only have our own resources, we have the entire Taro Pharmaceuticals team of 140 researchers and regulatory specialists to call on (including 30 Ph D. and M.D. scientists). It is our intention to bring innovative products to the dermatology community - not just any products, but rather products that best meet the needs of today's practitioner. Since TaroPharma does its own formulations, rather than out-source to a third party laboratory, we can provide you with formulation solutions developed by our own internal team who specialize in creating dermatology formulations. Together we can work to find the right dermatology products.

So when you prescribe a TaroPharma™ product, you can be confident that a team of scientists with topical formulation expertise has developed the product.

Have an idea related to dermatoses, psoriasis, or other corticosteroid-responsive conditions (combinations of active ingredients and bases, package sizes - anything!)? e-mail us now.

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