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Corporate Information
Our Philosophy
We Make It
Taro Pharmaceuticals has been manufacturing pharmaceuticals for 51 years.

State of the Art Facility
High Quality Products
Premium Ingredients

TaroPharma™ products are made in Brampton, Ontario in our own plants. We're part of the respected Taro Pharmaceutical Industries Ltd. manufacturing organization, which has been making tablets, capsules, semi-solids, and sterile medications (injectables and drops) since 1950.

To ensure that the highest quality ingredients are used in Taro's products, Taro Pharmaceutical Industries Ltd. produces (rather than outsources) the active pharmaceutical ingredients in many of our products. As part of our standard manufacturing policies, we have a consistently high rate of plant and quality control reinvestment.

THE RESULT: TaroPharma is a dependable source of topical medications, with consistency from batch to batch.

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