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Taro Divisions:
Taro Corporate - Taro Pharmaceutical Industries Ltd. - The gateway to all Taro sites. Learn about Taro's pharmaceutical research, manufacturing and marketing capabilities, as well as the company's products, locations, history and Nasdaq-traded shares. Plus, the latest news on Taro.

Taro Israel - Taro Pharmaceutical Industries Ltd.- In Hebrew. Taro Israel performs basic research, conducts clinical trials, synthesizes active pharmaceutical ingredients, manufactures finished pharmaceutical products, and markets them to physicians, pharmacists and consumers.

Taro US - Taro Pharmaceuticals U.S.A., Inc. - The U.S. is Taro's largest market, representing more than 85% of the Company's sales. Includes a complete guide to Taro USA 's prescription and over-the-counter products, both branded and generic.

Taro Canada - Taro Pharmaceuticals Inc.- Taro entered the North American marketplace with the establishment of Taro Canada in 1984. Today, Taro Canada is a major Taro research center and a leading manufacturer and exporter of topical products used in dermatology. Includes a complete product guide.

Taro Pharmaceuticals (UK) Ltd. - sales operations offer a growing line of affordable, high-quality prescription products.

Taro International Taro International provides active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs) and finished pharmaceutical products in a variety of forms.

TaroPharma USA - Offers US Pediatricians and Dermatologists proprietary product lines for a variety of patient needs.

TaroPharma Canada Formerly known as OptimaPharma, TaroPharma Canada offers proprietary prescription and over-the-counter products used in dermatology.

Taro Corporate Investor Relations:
Taro.com - Includes a wide range of stock information, news, annual reports, quarterly earnings announcements, and more.

Taro Sites for Consumers and Professionals:
Ovide® (malathion) Lotion 0.5%

LUSTRA-ULTRA ™ (hydroquinone USP 4%), LUSTRA-AF ® (hydroquinone USP 4%), and LUSTRA ® (hydroquinone USP 4%)

U-Kera E™ Urea Emollient Cream, 40%

For US Dermatologists - Taropharmadermatology is ready to serve dermatologists and their patients with information about Taropharma’s wide range of topical Rx and OTC products.

For US Pediatricians -Taropharmapeds is ready to serve pediatricians, children (and their parents!).

Warfarin USA - Tarowarfarin.com- Information to assist US residents interested in learning about warfarin sodium therapy.

Warfarin Information for Doctors - Tarowarfarinpro.com- Useful information for doctors in the U.S. to share with their patients about warfarin sodium therapy.

Warfarin Canada Tarowarfarin.ca- Information to assist Canadian residents interested in learning about warfarin sodium therapy.

Canada Warfain Information for Doctors - Tarowarfarinpro.ca- Useful information for doctors in Canada to share with their patients about warfarin sodium therapy.

RxDesktop - On-line resource for pharmacists featuring conversion tools such as dosage calculators, prescription abbreviations, weights and measures.

Rokamol (in Hebrew)

Nikita (in Hebrew)

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